Personalised Number Plates: The Perfect Marketing Tools

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There are many reasons why private number plates are good for a business so if you have a business, you’d better keep reading! Here you’ll find how the use of private vehicle registrations can be beneficial.

It’s safe to say that private number plates attract attention and offer sheer pleasure for the drivers, but what else do they offer? Well, many people decide to purchase one to disguise a vehicle’s age; it’s certainly cheaper than buying a new car!

However when it comes to vehicles for your business, they’re hardly going to be old bangers anyway. Yes, they might be 5 years hold but they’re unlikely to be 15 years old. There are two words that spring to mind when it comes to businesses investing in private number plates: marketing and advertising. An increasing number of businesses are realising the potential of number plates in marketing their product or service.

Brand Awareness

Through personalising your vehicle, you can advertise your business. How? Use the company’s name or slogan on a number plate. This way, brand awareness will be created simply by the vehicle being driven around! Even if this vehicle is stationary, be it in traffic or in a car park, passer-bys are sure to notice a distinguished number plate.

Take a look at these two successful examples we’ve stumbled upon, we won’t be forgetting these in a hurry!

Pimlico Plumbers – this plumbing company is renowned for its fleet of personalised vans with number plates that include: LAV 1, BOG 1 and DRA 1N, to mention a few. Pretty clever, right?

Chanel – This prestigious company’s delivery fan sports a cherished number plate to commemorate the brands famous perfume: NO 5

Fun For The Road

A smile goes a long way so why not use personalised number plates to advertise, but in a light-hearted way; perhaps a collection of relevant letters and numbers that will successfully market the company in a witty fashion. This way, they’re more likely to stick in people’s minds - just what you want! Plenty of people like a bit of humour to get them through their day, particularly if they’re stuck in traffic on the way to the office; a clever and catchy number plate will brighten up their day, plus, they’re be more likely to tell people of this ingenious advertising! 

Perfect Alternative to Online Marketing

Offline marketing encompasses a number of different possibilities including traditional print advertising to radio and television adverts and networking. But have you ever thought about advertising with personalised number plates? This is an effective way to keep your brand in the limelight and it’s a one off payment – asides from fuel of course!

So, now you know why private number plates can be beneficial to a business, will you be purchasing one? Or, perhaps several for a fleet just like Pimlico Plumbers? Be sure to take a look at our extensive range today. Use the search to find perfect plates for your company.