Personalised Number Plates for Your Profession

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Are you considering purchasing a personalised number plate, but you’re unsure about what to have on it? Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Primo Registrations, we’ll share with you a whole wealth of ideas; you’re bound to find one you love!


Work Love

If you enjoy your job, then why not display this passion through your number plate? There’s bound to be a word or phrase that can be linked to your job; you’ve just got to be creative about it. Take a look at some examples:


Why not opt for something straightforward such as ‘ADD’ or ‘SUM’? Granted, this doesn’t distinguish you as a person, but do you really want your name attached to your vehicle? This is a light-hearted way to reveal your personality, and of course, your close friends and family will get this ‘inside’ spin on the personalised plate.

Estate Agents

As an estate agent, it makes sense to have property related lingo on your number plate. ‘H10 USE’, ‘BUY’ and ‘LET’ are ideal and whilst they may not make complete sense to fellow drivers, it gives them something to ponder when they’re stuck in traffic.


So, Nicky Clarke went for H41 RDO (find out more about that here), but what can you go for? Display your creative side, like Nicky, with ‘CUT’, ‘B1 DRY’, ‘C8 MBS’ or ‘P6 RMS’.


Customise your number plate with ‘CSE’, ‘LAW’ and ‘BAR’; drivers won’t need to guess your profession!


As an optician, I can ‘C’ what your ‘EYE’ needs;- a ‘L3 NSS’. These three are very fitting number plates; enough said!


You’ll no doubt be driving from job to job so it’s important to have a nice looking work van that dons a catchy number plate! Think ‘F1 OWS’, ‘H20’ and ‘TAP’.

Pub Landlord

Asides from having a cheeky pint at the end of your shift, how else do you display your love for the job? By putting it on a personalised plate of course! ‘ALE’ and ‘PUB’ are just a couple that spring to mind, but we’re sure you can think of plenty.


Working within this sector, it’s extremely unlikely that’ll you’ll need a helping hand with selling, but why not embrace the fact that you’re good at what you do with a personalised plate that reads ‘S3 LLA’, ‘S44 LES’ or ‘ P12 OMO’.

Taxi Driver

Add a personal touch to your cab by having the following on a number plate: ‘C4 BSS’, ‘TXY’, and ‘C4 BYY’. You’re more likely to stick in a customer’s head if you have a personalised number plate, which means more business for you!


Hardly original, but it’s to the point: ‘T33 ACH’. Not only will it draw attention on the road, this plate is certain to go down well with pupils at school. Why? Because you’re cool, teach!

So now you have car registration inspiration, are you any closer to buying a personalised number plate? Take a look at our range of plates today and find the perfect one for you.