Personalised Number Plate Ideas - how to choose what to get!

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You might know that you want a private personalised number plate for your vehicle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know exactly which combination of letters and numbers you want to choose. To help you make that decision and find the combination that you’re happy with, we’ve got some ideas that we want to share with you. Read on to find out more.


Phonetics and Fillers


It’s possible to use particular letters and numbers to represent other things on your number plate. For example, a B can look like an 8, 0 can stand in for O and 1 can be an I. There are lots of other examples just like that. You can even use letters to stand in for whole words, such as R meaning ‘are’ and so on. Xs and Zs are often used as fillers at the end or start of a number plate as well.




Many people looking for personalised number plates decide to choose combinations of letters and numbers that look like names. That’s a very understandable and reasonable approach to take, and it’s often a lot easier to achieve than you might think. You could have one to three letters and numbers at the start and then a gap followed by more. Together these could spell out your name.


A Fun Number Plate Followed by Initials


Some people choose something fun before their initials rather than a straightforward spelling out of their own name. For example, some people use M155 to spell Miss and then follow that up with a short name or initials. Similarly, B16 can be used to spell Big. Those are just a few examples but there are many others available that work in the same way.


A Meaningful Combination


Maybe you want something that doesn’t necessarily say something outwardly but means something special to you personally. For example, you could choose a combination that contains a date or number that’s important to you. Many people choose combinations of initials of family members or names of children combined with important letters.


A Special Date


Another idea is to choose a date that’s special to you and your family in some way. You could choose some initials combined with a date, such as your child’s date of birth or the date of a wedding or something similar to that. We all have dates that are special and meaningful to us for a variety of reasons, and using these to come up with a personalised number plate is a good idea.


Jobs and Hobbies


Finally, you might want to consider somehow incorporated your job or a hobby that’s important to you in some way into your number plate idea. Again, there are so many ways in which you can do this.


Now that you’ve got some ideas and know more about how personalised number plates work, all that’s left for you to do is start looking for the right one for you. Browse our website and try out different available ideas. If you need any extra help and support, our team is always ready to provide that. Call us on 01252 49 1111.