Our Favourite Bond Cars

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Do you know which fictional British Secret Service agent is renowned for driving exotic and expensive cars? Bond. James Bond. We’re yet to sell a James Bond plate but we have in fact sold the AU1 number plated that adorned Auric Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce and we look forward to seeing where else the statement number plate will make an appearance.

So, what about the plates that appeared in the Bond films? Take a look at the cars that had an impressive presence throughout the series of memorable spy films.

Revolving Number Plate

Who could forget the Aston Martin DB5 that appeared in Goldfinger and Thunderball? The silver sports car with the extraordinary 3-way revolving number plate was the first Bond car to achieve global fame.

It went on to become the most recognised cinematic car driven by James Bond due to its legendary gadgets which included an ejector seat, machine guns, a smoke screen and tyre slashers. The Aston Martin DB5 is the quintessential Bond car, and the tie–in Corgi model became the best-selling toy of the year (1954).

Back with a Bang: The Aston

The Living Daylights introduced a new James Bond, Timothy Dalton, and with Dalton came an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante. This beauty was kitted out with a control panel under the arm rest with buttons to operate lasers, missiles, outriggers, a rear rocket propulsion system and tyre spikes for extra traction control.

It also had an all-band police radio receiver, a heads-up missile guidance display on the windshield, and a built-in self-destruct timer – pretty invincible, right? So why did the Aston disappear for 18 years? The design of this V8 is similar to the DBS that Bond drove in Her Majesty’s Service which perhaps explains the Aston’s long absence from the series; unchanging designs would have proved too monotonous for Bond.

Gadgets Galore

For the 18th James Bond feature film Tomorrow Never Dies, the BMW 750iL was Bond’s baby. Featuring some of the most impressive car gadgets of the decade, the 750iL has a combination of conservative good looks and performance that's comparable to any of its predecessors. With bullet proof windows and body that can withstand being hit by a sledgehammer, this car was unforgettable.

If any thieves tried to break in, boy would they have a shock; the door handles were electrified! The BMW 750iL was operably via Bond’s special mobile phone, complete with touchpad controls which enabled him to activate a tear gas attack. If that doesn’t amaze you, these special features will:

  • Stinger missiles hidden in the sunroof
  • Re-inflating tyres
  • Front and rear video cameras
  • A safe in the glove compartment which can only be opened by Bond’s fingerprint
  • Voice capability
  • Retractable metal cutter behind the BMW badge
  • Able to release three-pointed nails from underneath the rear of the car

So you’re not going to be able to kit your car out with amazing gadgets but do you fancy giving your car a James bond number plate? Take a look at our range of personalised number plates for sale and find a plate that will give your car a bit of character.