Old Tax Discs selling for Thousands!

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Tax discs in paper form have been scrapped from and motorists who didn’t know the new rules could face a hefty fine.

And now old paper tax discs are fetching thousands of pounds in online auction sites.

Since October 1 the DVLA began a new system where drivers no longer had to display a physical tax disc, instead police and other authorities check a car’s tax through an online database.

Now tax disc collectors, called velologists, have started offering huge sums of money for driver’s old paper discs.

Some have fetched as much as £1,000 on eBay, with others reaching £100, and some regularly selling for £30 or £40.

Interest in expired tax discs has grown over the last 10 years and experts say that now they are no longer going to be issued their value to collectors will greatly increse.

“Because there are so many of the current year tax discs in existence, the best tip is to keep your disc in pristine condition and store it safely,” said Tony Hill, velologist and author of Trade and Collect Tax Discs.

“Any tax disc in poor condition will be worth a fraction of the same date in very good condition.”

Tax discs that are still in the perforated letter from the DVLA seem to be selling for the most amount of money.