New Year Resolutions for Your Car

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The New Year usually means a new you, right? You’ve no doubt made resolutions to eat less junk and exercise more often, but what about your car? It’s all very well looking after yourself but don’t forget to look after your motor too! Here you can learn how to extend your car’s life and protect its performance.

  1. Book in for Bi-Annual Check-Ups

You have bi-annual check-ups with the dentist, don’t you? So, be sure to book your car in for a check-up twice a year too. This will ensure your car is in top condition and regular maintenance will maximise your car’s fuel efficiency and performance.

Whilst you can carry out checks on your car yourself, a trained technician will be able to identify problems early on, meaning that costly repairs can be avoided.

  1. Clean the Interior

It’s what’s inside that counts so make sure you keep your interior clean. The last thing you want is for people to get in your car and be welcomed by an unpleasant stench or lots of litter. Always take rubbish out of your car straight away, otherwise you’ll forget, and clean messes before stains and smells set in.

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Car Interior

  1. Wash Your Car

One of your resolutions is likely to be to save money, so if you’d rather not spend money on a car wash, you can DIY. Don’t let it get so dirty that a passer-by will be tempted to write ‘clean me’ in the grime. Wash your car on a regular basis and you’ll effortlessly protect its finish.

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  1. Detail Your Car

Give your car a thorough clean on both the inside and out. Not only will the process result in a super shiny car, it’ll also protect the paint, retain the car’s value and restore the interior. Regular cleaning is great for maintenance, but every once in a while you should detail your car.

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  1. Check Your Tyre Pressures Regularly

Be sure to check your tyre pressures at least once a month, rather than just once in a blue moon. Why? Well, driving with the correct tyre pressure will improve your car’s safety, mileage and extend the lifespan of your tyres.

  1. Check and Top Up Your Oil

Whilst you’re checking your tyre pressures, there’s no harm in opening the bonnet and checking your engine oil too. Top it up as needed and your engine will always be well lubricated.

Don’t forget to check the other fluids too. Coolant, brake and clutch fluids are just as important so make it a habit to keep your car fluids at the correct levels.

Top Up Oil
Robert Couse-Baker under CC by 2.0

So, there you have it. Now you’ve got six simple but effective resolutions that you should try and stick to in order to protect your pride and joy. If you break them, you’re likely to end up spending a fortune on costly repairs, which you could spend on a personalised number plate!