New 19 series Personalised Number Plates now available

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Each March and September brings a new range of number plates into circulation in Britain, and this March is no different. The new 19 series registrations are now available to buy, so maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your private number plate and buy one of these. At Primo Registrations, we’re already supplying customers like yourself with 19 series number plates, so don’t miss out.

New 19 personalised number plates now available

Use Primo Registration’s Services


Primo Registrations is currently supplying drivers with 19 series registrations. You can find these options on our site and buy them swiftly and easily whenever you like. The process of doing so is very easy and won’t take much time at all. You’ll have brand new 19 series personalised number plates for your brand new car before you know it.


We’ve already helped lots of people find their new number plates, including plates from the new 19 series. Be one of the first group of drivers to buy these 19 series plates for their new cars and get on the road to show them off. There are all kinds of personalised options on our site, so have a browse and see which appeal to you most.


Plenty of Options Available


You can personalise your 19 series number plates in a wide variety of ways depending on your preferences. Many people add their initials or something meaningful after the 19 part of the number plate sequence, but that’s something that’s entirely up to you. Primo Registrations makes it possible for you to view the options and easily select the one you prefer.


There are more ways to personalise your 19 series number plates than you might realise, so don’t assume that there are only limited possibilities open to you because that’s not necessarily the case. See for yourself and choose the number plates that you’ll be happy with for a long time to come.


Options for Leased Vehicles and Motability Vehicles


Not everyone realises it, but it’s more than possible to add personalised private number plates to leased vehicles, as well as Motability vehicles. People who drive these kinds of cars often don’t even consider buying new number plates because they think it isn’t possible, but that’s simply not true.


Getting a personalised number plate can certainly be easier when you own the vehicle, but you can still get them for leased cars as well. We help you with that and provide you with the information you need. That means our 19 series plates are still an option for you even if you don’t own your new car.


As a trusted seller of private and personalised number plates, we’re here to help you and make sure that you find the number plate that works best for you. You only need to browse our website to see the 19 series options available to you. And don’t hesitate to call us and talk to a member of our team if you need any extra help and support. The number to use is 01252 49 1111.