Nearly £40,000 for ROBERT!

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A business man from Wimbledon has shelled out nearly £40,000 for a number plate spelling out his name.

Robert Hollamby bought the plate for a staggering £37,600 at an auction held by the DVLA at the Mercedes Benz World in Surrey over three days.

The number plate, which reads R013 ERT was the highest selling of the weekend which raked in a total of £3.6m from motorists keen to snap up personalised plates.

Other top sellers were FA11 SAL representing the Asian name Faisal which sold for £29,240, while 96 M sold for £17,740.

Jody Davies, the DVLA’s personalised registrations’ events manager, said: "Clearly the popularity of personalised registrations continues to rise.

"Our autumn auction has far exceeded our own expectations and predictions and now our sights are firmly set on delivering an outstanding final sale of the year."

The highest selling DVLA numberplate ever sold was 1 D which sold for £352,000 in March 2009.

Source: Local Guardian