How to Create a Personalised Number Plate

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Are you considering buying a personalised number plate? Then you’ll no doubt need some ideas on what to put on it. Take a look at our suggestions and feel inspired to create the perfect private plate for you.

Name Number Plate
Ambernectar 13 under CC by ND 2.0

Reveal Your Name

If you really want to make a statement, have your name featured on your personalised number plate. However, if your name is popular, you may struggle to get hold of it as it will most likely have been snapped up! Consider variations of your name, or alternatively if you have a nickname then opt to have this on your plate instead.

Uncover Your Job Title

Do you love your job? Then why not incorporate your role into your number plate? Or even if you can’t fit your job title onto a plate, you could include a phrase or subject that is linked to your profession. A personalised number plate that displays your passion for your work is creative as well as distinctive. You’ll turn heads and for all the right reasons!

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Show Off Your Hobby

Are you a football fanatic, gym bunny or dancing queen? Well, show your passion by including these hobbies into your personalised number plate! By doing so, you’ll reveal to fellow drivers that you have a talent, plus it makes for an interesting plate too! If you have a hobby that you’re proud of, be sure to spell it out on a private registration plate.


Display Your Personality

Whether you’re cheeky, happy, a bit of a geek or a complete rebel, have some fun by injecting your personality onto your vehicle. A personalised plate that expresses who you are will effortlessly give your car a bit of a character, whilst also adding a touch of humour too.

Introduce Your Pets

You may be crazy about your car, but if you’re just as obsessed with your pets then you may like this idea: consider putting your pets name on your number plate. This will show your love for your precious pet, plus it’s unique –particularly if your pet’s name is out of the ordinary.

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Incorporate a Special Date

If you’re proud to be born in a particular era then get these numbers onto your plate. Or, if your traits are synonymous with your star sign then a plate with your astrological sign is perfect.

Fancy buying a personalised number plate as a present? Then buy a plate with the lucky recipient’s birthday or anniversary of when you met or tied the knot. They’ll be more than chuffed when they receive this thoughtful and unique present.

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Hopefully our ideas have been helpful. If you’d like to purchase a personalised number plate, look no further than Primo Registrations. We have a wide range of plates for you to choose from, so be sure to take a look and find the perfect one for you.