How To Buy Personalised Number Plates As a Gift

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If you are currently considering buying number plates as a gift for friends or family, you need our guide! We know how to keep it a secret, so you can trust that your choice of the number plate will be a big surprise. At Primo Registrations, we offer a range of services that are explicitly designed to help you to keep that surprise you had in mind. Our service is discreet, and we’ve tried to make the whole process of buying number plates as a gift as easy as possible. We have experts on hands that can give you all the help that you need with your gift of choice, and with one phone call, our friendly team will be happy to help!

Gifting a personalised number plate is much easier than you think. The only difficult decision that you’re going to face is what you want to put on the plate! With the handy tips and hints below, you’re going to learn what you need to do to ensure that you have everything that you need to buy number plates as a gift.
Can I Buy Now And Gift Later?

One of the biggest questions we get is whether you can buy personalised plates in advance. The good news is that yes, you absolutely can buy in advance and gift later in the year. Our number plate registrations are normally valid for a ten year period from the day that you purchase. In this time, you can assign the registration to any vehicle of your choice whether this is next week or next year. The process that we follow to assign a registration plate to a vehicle is the same at the time of ordering, as is the price. So, if you pay the DOT transfer fee of £80, you only need to spend that once when you buy your new plate. You won’t be doubly charged when it comes to putting the plates onto the vehicle. The best thing about this is that you can buy in advance of Christmas, special birthdays, anniversaries and even “just because” gifts to cheer up a friend. 

Can You Supply The Registration On A Retention Certificate?

Most of the time, we can do this for you. The best thing to do before you buy is to pick up the telephone and give us a quick call to confirm it. You can, however, keep hold of the certificate for ten years and assign it to the vehicle of your choice at any time in those ten years.

If I Chose Your Fully Managed Transfer Service, Do I Have To Transfer It To The Car Right Away?

You don’t have to worry! Our fully managed transfer service is valid for the life of the registration, which means that at any time convenient for you, we can transfer it to the vehicle.

What Can You Do For Me If I Buy Now?

At Primo Registrations, we offer all of our customers two different options. These are:

Fully Managed Transfer Service

When you choose this service, you will be sent out a pack filled with documents. You will need to send these documents back to us in the provided paid-for envelope. We will then take up to 15 working days to transfer the registration to the vehicle. You can do this before the day you plan to give it to your recipient, or you can do it after if you would prefer. This is our most popular option given the convenience, and from receipt of your details, it’ll be up to 15 working days, so it’s best to order early! 

Self-Managed Transfer Service

When you choose the self-managed transfer service, you will get your certificate within seven working days, and then you would need to handle the legal transfer of the registration any time within the ten years. We know you might not want to spoil the surprise of your gift, we don’t mind arranging delivery to a different address.


Can I Reserve A Registration & Pay Nearer The Big Day?

When you order your new registration, you do need to pay in full. However, at Primo Registrations, we do offer a credit option, and that can help with your budget! The total cost of your number plate can vary into the thousands, and you need to include VAT on that cost. If you want to know what you’re paying on VAT, then click through your order by pressing the “order online” button. You won’t be paying for your order here, don’t worry! However, you’ll get a chance to see all the involved costs before you commit, which is massively helpful and will let you know what you’re paying in full.

Can I Specify The Day Of Transfer?

Unfortunately, you can’t specify which day you want your transfer to be completed. Usually, it takes up to 15 working days to complete a transfer from the receipt of the papers from you. Once we get them, we submit them for processing. This means that if you want your transfer to be completed close to a particular date, we recommend you send the paperwork closer to the chosen date.

Can I Choose ANY Personalised Plate?

Of course - though there are some rules. Your plate has to ensure that the car looks its age: you can’t choose to make it a different year, so you need to use the date signifiers for the current year it was made, not for one in the future. You also need to check out our car number plate rules and regulations so that you aren't choosing an illegal number plate with your choices - we’ll soon let you know if we can’t approve the number plate. 

Buying a number plate as a gift is easy with Primo Registrations, so why not surprise your loved one today?