How many private number plates are there in the UK?

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How many private number plates are there in the UK?

As personalised number plates are growing in popularity, you may ask yourself where it all started? Read more as Primo Registrations explain it for you. The first registration number of one letter and one number – A1 – was issued following the Motor Car Act 1903. Since then all vehicles on UK roads have had to be registered and display a registration number. The earliest number plates are known as ‘dateless plates’ because they contain no information which denotes the year of issue. Initially, they were made up of up to three letters followed by a random number. This makes them ideal for personalised number plates as the initial letters can be matched with a driver or owner’s initials. The more common the initials or the shorter the combination, the more in-demand the plate. Since then, the popularity has grown and here at Primo we have over 60 million number plates available for sale. 

How can I get a personalised plate?

This is where Primo Registrations can help you get that personalised plate. We have a very simple and secure online order process, which only takes a couple of minutes to go from searching to buying your new personal number plate. Personalised number plates tend to be associated with number plates that are personal to their owners. Perhaps they flaunt a nickname, job title or even something meaningful to the plate holder. Drivers on the road may not understand the reference, but the owner of the personalised number plate will!

Unlike some dealers, our friendly and knowledgeable sales advisors won’t charge you anything extra to process your order over the phone. The skilled aftersales administrators at Primo Registrations can handle the entire legal DVLA process for you, removing the need for you to handle the legal transfer procedure for your new private number plate yourself.

Start the Search! 

Deciding what you want the private number plate to say will probably be the hardest thing about this process. With over 54 million options available, Primo Registrations is guaranteed to have the perfect private reg solution. There’s never been a better time to finally treat your vehicle to that slice of luxury and style. Our search engine page will go through all the options and show you all the different styles. 

We also offer a Premium collection if you really want to stand out on the road, this will give you a Prestigious and Distinct Number Plate. 

What better way to stand out from a crowd of vehicles than a number plate that doesn’t follow the same number plate conventions as those around you? Whether you’re looking for rare dateless number plates or unique 2-digit plates, our premium selection of unique collector’s number plates will surprise you. Some of these are unique one-of-a-kind plates that you won’t see anywhere, and others have a unique number and letter combinations that you won’t see for years due to the naming conventions on the number plates.

Let us make it happen!

Whether you want to buy a number plate, use us to help you sell a numberplate, or want to discuss how you can work closely with the team here, please contact us


Alternatively, if you want to just talk to a REAL person, then call 01252 49 1111 and speak to the Primo team - we look forward to hearing from you soon.