Have Cars Saved Halloween? The Spookiest Drive-In Halloween Experiences This Autumn

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Halloween drive-in


If you hate Halloween, you should probably look away now. 


Just when we all thought that the coronavirus would take down its latest victim (the Halloween spirit), a much freakier surprise springs up. Cars have come to save the day, with the spookiest drive-in Halloween experiences this Autumn. Get ready for an experience that is sure to get your adrenaline breaking the charts, get your blood pumping, your heart beating, and your spirit escaping your body - no thanks. But if you have the heart for it, then welcome this Autumn’s spookiest trend all in the comfort of your car. Whether you’re brave enough to face a drive-in horror maze, with the use of costumed actors, forward-thinking technology and interactive sets, or you’d rather head to a drive-in screening of your favourite Halloween flick under the cover of a full moon, drive-through experiences are here to ensure that you still face the possibility of wetting your pants this year too.


Halloween Drive Through Events in the UK

Here is a list of some UK-based drive-through Halloween events for 2020:


  • FestEvil - By Cyclone Events Management from 12th October and 1st November in Wrexham - adult audience

FestEvil in Wrexham

It’s described on Eventbrite as ‘a Live action horror drive through scare maze based at Bryn Y Grog Hall in Wrexham, north Wales. From the safety of your car drive through a series of scenes from your favourite horror movies and tv shows. Featuring live actors & special effects this event is not for the faint hearted’. This spooky event is a COVID-19 friendly Halloween event that is sure to satisfy any thrill seekers thirst for adrenaline. They also mention that the recommended age for this event is 16+ as the scenes can get very gruesome, so this one is definitely not for families. 


  •  Road to Hell - At Heart of England Conference Centre in Meriden from 16th October to 14th November in Coventry - adult audience

Road to Hell in Coventry

Located just ten minutes from Birmingham International Airport, Road to Hell is described as a ‘fully immersive 1.5 mile, 20 minute journey [which] takes you deep into lost woodlands, where you’ll encounter multiple blood chilling scenarios along the way – the hideous creatures of the night that haunt this evil place will be your pursuers. We do hope you’ll be safe inside your cars.. time will only tell. If you follow the map and make it out alive then you’ll have one heck of a horror story to tell!’. Although Road to Hell sounds similar to FestEvil, the guidelines on age restrictions are slightly more relaxed, as they ensure customers that if your vehicle contains young children, they will mark the vehicle to make the live actors aware of this, so they can ease up on the scares. However, they do emphasise the fact that ‘the idea is to scare you and you will be in dark woods! – in light of this we would recommend you consider carefully whether it is suitable for your child’.


  • ScareCity - At Park N Party from 12th October to 1st November in Manchester - adult and child audiences


ScarCity in Manchester

Scare City is located close to the Trafford Center, and is described as ‘no ordinary drive-in cinema. [...] At the Scare City Drive-In Cinema event, you’ll find horror classics and brand new scares, with carefully selected options for adults or kids – all to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own coffin (or car!) Each spine-tingling screening is accompanied by a team of professional actors with the sole purpose of adding to your terrifying ordeal! Beware, the creatures of Scare City are waiting for you’. They also mention that all screenings at 12PM on saturdays and Sundays will be for families. 


  • Guildford's Halloween Drive In Cinema : Live Experience - At Merrist Wood College from 26th October to 1st November in Guildford 


Drive-in Cinema in Guildford


Although the organisers have not listed the films they will be screening yet, they do mention that the event will include ‘popcorn, non-alcoholic beers, Halloween themed drinks, gourmet food, spooky sweets and treats, bone chilling horrors, jaw dropping thrillers, live actors and fancy dress’. Keep an eye on their facebook event to find out more. 

So, is this Halloween season going to prove a little different than the ones we are already used to? You can bet it will, but many places are learning to adapt, for the sake of the biggest scare of the year, the coronavirus. Although many events are on hold this year, thankfully, our cars have helped us rescue Halloween.


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