England vs South Africa | Cricket Inspired Personalised Number Plates

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Cricket Privat number plates from Primo Registrations

Having originated in south east England in the 16th century, cricket then went on to be played internationally in 1844. After football, cricket is the second most popular spectators sport.

With cricket matches being broadcast across our screens currently, we have an upcoming match that everyone is talking about, the England vs South Africa game.

So the question of who will win the oval still stands, will it be England who manage to beat South Africa or will SA take the win? The obvious want is for England to win this series. Whilst the current score stands at 1-1 it’s a tense wait for the third test. 

At Primo Registrations we have searched our database of 50 million personalised number plates to bring you a collection of cricket inspired privat reg plates. 

Cricket personalised registration plates

To name a few we have; BAT 7V, B16 LBW, WH11 TES, BWL 123, F1 WCK, N10 VAL.

As a registered seller of DVLA number plates we have these and many more available here