Do You Sing in the Car? These People Do!

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Have you ever encountered that awkward moment when you’re belting your favourite song out while driving in your car (along to the radio, of course) only to stop at a junction or lights and experience weird looks from the other drivers around you. We bet you have? And you wouldn’t be alone if you did.

Check out these funny videos of people singing as they drive. Which one are you most similar too?

The Dover Police DashCam Shake it Off Confession

When this American policeman started practising his lip syncing skills and best dance moves on patrol earlier this year, he never imagined he’d become a viral YouTube sensation with over 35million views.

Give this sassy performance a watch in the video below. We’d love it if we saw a dancing policeman driving around our streets, wouldn’t you?

Good Looking Parents Singing Frozen in the Car

We don’t know what makes us feel more nauseous, the cheesiness of this performance or the fact this couple have deemed themselves ‘good looking’. Either way it’s still a gleeful must watch rendition of one of Disney’s bestselling songs.

Check out their daughter in the back seat looking very unimpressed!

The Late Late Show with James Cordon Karaoke Carpool

Music superstars have to take the drive to work just like the rest of us. But let’s face it, none of us can sing as well as Mariah Carey – we wish! Here she can be seen driving around LA with Cordon, singing songs such as ‘Always Be My Baby’, rapping and practising their best accents.

But James Cordon is also friendly with young Hollywood stars, and has filmed a great car singalong with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber too.

Mime Through Time

Combine three beautiful young women, a car, fancy dress and a montage of hit songs from the past 100 years and this is what you get…

Rixton ‘Me and My Broken Heart’/’Lonely No More’ Mashup Cover 

Okay, so admittedly, a lot of these videos are people miming. But if you’re looking for a video of people driving along who can really sing then this is a must see.

Dad and Daughter Duet in the Car

So, it’s back to Frozen to round off our list of some of the best car singalong videos. And this video sure has the cute factor. This video has daddy daughter goals written all over it.

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And remember, the next time you’re singing along to the radio, be proud. We all look like this when we sing in the car…