Do You Have To Pay Every Year For A Private Plate?

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Many people love to personalise their cars with a private registration plate. Whether it’s to signify a name, birthday, special date, or a loved one, personalised plates are very popular in the UK despite the necessary paperwork needed to formally register them. However, to cut to the chase, do you need to pay to retain your private plate every year? Read on to find out.


How much do I need to pay for my private plate every year?

Back in early 2015, you would have needed to pay a retention fee of £25 per annum to the DVLA to keep hold of your private plate on a certificate. However, since March of that year, that is no longer the case, meaning that you can continue to retain your personalised plates on a ten yearly basis. Once your retention certificate expires, you can then renew it for a further ten years.


How do I renew my private number plate?

You must renew your personalised registration plate after every 10 years if it isn’t being used on a vehicle. As was the case with the rule change in 2015, you may need to do this more frequently. If you’re unsure as to when you obtain your private plates, simply consult your V750 or V778 documents. 

This is an important step that you must never overlook. The DVLA can revoke your right to use a number plate permanently if you do not renew it before it is due to expire, so make sure you set yourself a reminder as they do not tend to accept applications that are made after the date.

To renew your V750 certificate or V778 retention form, simply apply to the DVLA up to 28 days before you are needing to. Any earlier and an application could be refused and you’ll be out of luck. 

This is important, and while you will receive a reminder via either post or email, make sure not to forget. After all, you can renew your right to use your personalised number plates for up to 10 years. It’s just about being organised enough to remember!

If you have purchased the registration via ourselves we will send you a reminder about this, so please ensure that you keep us up to date of any address or email changes.

Alternatively, you can post off an application by completing either the form on your V750 or V778 documents. Simply send your completed V750 or V778 to the address on the document.


If you have misplaced either of these documents over the last decade or you think that they might have been stolen, then fear not. You can write to the DVLA’s Personalised Registrations department and ask for a replacement of either form. This will take 3-4 weeks to turn up at your door. However, there are just a few conditions to meet before requesting a replacement.


Firstly, either your V750 or V778 cannot have expired. And secondly, you must be the ‘grantee’ who is entitled to use the personalised number plate. Nobody else can apply for you.