Celebrate International Women’s Day with a Personalised Plate

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International woman's day

March the 8th 2022 is the year of International Women’s Day. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Significant activity is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women's achievements or rally for women's equality. Here at Primo Registrations, we celebrate these women through all the numerous personalised plates we made throughout the years. 

Discover women’s number plates 

One of the most popular ways of choosing a personalised number plate is selecting a combination of letters and numbers that spells out a name. It could be what you’re looking for as well. There are lots of female name number plates that we can offer here at Primo Registrations, so if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re here to help and assist you.

No matter what name you’re looking to include in your new number plate, we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you. There are many girls’ names, including SAM, MIA, SAR VAL, EMA, PAT, PAM, ALY, ANA, DAN, JIL, LIL, CAZ AND NAT that work wonderfully on number plates. We’ve already helped many people incorporate those kinds of girl’s names and many more into their personalised number plates. We’ll be more than happy to do the same for you. Our search engine has over 50 million plates that you can also search online for IWD 2022. 

Buying the personalised plate as a present

You can even buy the personalised plate as a present to celebrate the women in your life for International Women’s Day.  Our registrations are normally valid for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase and can be assigned to a vehicle any time during this time. It doesn't matter if it is going onto a vehicle next week or in nine months’ time, the price, and the process that we follow is the same at the time of ordering. You will only need to pay the DOT transfer fee of £80 once, at the time of purchase, and won't have to pay again when it goes onto the vehicle.

We also offer the plates on interest free finance. We’re proud to announce that we have teamed up with PayPal, to offer a fantastic 4-month Interest Free Payment Option. Our interest free finance options available on over 50 million private number plates. All monthly payments are required to be paid by direct debit. Typically, the first payment will be collected from your bank a month after the purchase date and subsequent payments will be collected every month for the entire term of the agreement.

If you are looking to finance your cherished number plate you can apply online via the PayPal option on the checkout page. Simply select PayPal and then when PayPal show you your funding options you can select PayPal Credit on there.

All finance applications are subject to status. To be considered for finance you must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must be over the age of 18

Applicants must be a UK resident

Applicants must have a UK bank account capable of accepting direct debits

So, get in touch and make 2022 the best year for International Women’s Day by celebrating the female in your life.