Alternative Christmas Gifts for Her

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You may have read our blog post on unconventional Christmas gifts for him, but what about gifts for her? Forget splashing out on jewellery and perfume, here you can discover what to surprise the special lady in your life with this Christmas Day.

Charging Valet

Whilst we’ve said no to jewellery, that’s not to say you can’t gift your sweetheart with jewellery storage. And by jewellery storage, we don’t mean your average jewellery box; we’re talking about something a bit savvier: a charging valet.

With a charging valet, your darling can charge her smartphone or tablet in the very same place that she stores her jewellery. Now that’s one stylish charging solution!

And the beauty of the charging valet is that you can take it anywhere, so if you’re treating your loved one to a romantic weekend away, she can effortlessly pack her charging valet. This combines useful storage space for both her technology and her jewellery, making it the perfect accessory for the modern woman's boudoir.

Charging Valet

Chocolate Fondue Set

This gift is bigger and better than buying your woman chocolates. After all, there’s no real thought in going to your local shop and picking up a box, especially as you can get even the most luxurious of chocolate brands in supermarkets these days.

So, if she’s a chocoholic, think outside of the box and buy a chocolate fondue set instead. Not only are you presenting her with her dream dessert (let’s face it, nothing beats melted chocolate), you’re also giving her a fun gift that she can share with you and enjoy with friends and family when they visit over the Christmas period, which is inevitable!

A chocolate fondue set will go down a treat (literally) with a chocolate lover, so be sure to add this to your list of things to get her this Christmas.

Chocolate Fondue Set
Denis Dervisevic by CC by 2.0

Stand Mixers

To you it’s just a food mixer but to her, if she’s an enthusiastic baker, she’d be lost without out it. Stand mixers are a blessing to anyone who enjoys baking, but not spending hours slaving away in the kitchen. So, make her life that bit easier and splash out on a stand mixer.

Be sure to go all out and get her the top of the range mixer. You’d want the crème de la crème for your hobby too, right? And if it pains you knowing that your wallet will be that much lighter after making this purchase then think of it like this: the easier it is for her to bake, the more cakes that will come your way!

Private Car Registration

You’ve no doubt spoilt her with engraved necklaces and other personalised gifts in the past, but have you ever considered a private car registration? If not, it’s about time you did. Why? Well, if you want her to feel like one in a million, she’ll certainly feel special on the road as she drives around with a number plate on her car that’s exclusively meaningful to her.

And best of all, it’s different. There’s nothing more exciting than opening a surprise on Christmas Day and a private car registration is just that. Be sure to buy a personal plate for your loved one this Christmas and she’ll be so impressed, she won’t make you lift a finger on Christmas Day.

Private Car Registration

So now you know of some alternative Christmas gifts for her. If you like the idea of buying your darling a private car registration then take a look at our range of personalised number plates today. You’ll no doubt find the perfect plate for her and make this Christmas one to remember. 

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