Football Number Plates

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Premier League Football Number Plates

Do you want a unique way to show support for your favourite Premier League team? Why not get their initials on your personalised number plates? If you’re an avid football fan, who likes to drive to the stadium for an adrenaline-packed match, show support for your team with your unique number plates!


A Piece of History

Since the mid-1980s, media has been talking about the formation of a super football league containing only elite English clubs. The early 1990s were the starting point for what would become the Premier League in English football. In February of 1992, the league officially took birth. The first season had the best 22 teams in England compete for the first ever Premier League title, which was ultimately won by Manchester United.

Fast-forward until 2017, and this year’s Premier League season has Chelsea as the defending champions for the League’s 26th season.


Stand Out!

Being a football fan, you’re most likely eagerly waiting for the next match in the Premier League. But what if you’re an automotive enthusiast too? Can cars and football go hand in hand? Of course, they can! With custom-made plates…

Just imagine driving all the way to the stadium on match day, exiting your car and showing your friends your brand new, private number plates, having the letters of your favourite team shine in the sunlight. You’ll not only be that special fan with a private reg, sporting your team’s name, but also shows how much of a football enthusiast you are. On top of it, who wouldn’t like to brag about their Premier League football number plates?


No Need to Spend a Fortune

English football fans probably remember when, earlier this year, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba sold his personalised number plate for a huge £23,000 price tag. But regardless if you’re a Manchester United fan, a supporter of Crystal Palace, or a Stoke City fanatic, you won’t have to spend nearly as much for getting your cherished number plates.

Lots of UK football fans love our personalised number plates, and you will too! With a quick glance, people will not only see a nice car, but also football knowledge packed into a beautiful private reg number.


Customize Your Plates

So how exactly do you get your private number plates to pay homage to your favourite football team in the Premier League? If you have the money and want to spend a fortune, you can just go ahead and search for Pogba’s plate, or that of any other great name in football. If, however, you’re on a tighter budget, paying your respects to the team you’re rooting for is easier than ever with us - we’re here to help you!


Here at, you can scan through 50 million number plates and quickly pick your preferred pair of plates. Our prices will help you prove you’re a die-hard football fan without breaking the bank.


Bottom Line

So before you start thinking about the next game of your Premier League favourite, make sure you’ll stand out from the crowd by picking a distinctive number plate to go with your team’s colours. But do so quickly, as Premier League number plates are in high demand and sell out fast.