6 Tips On Making Your Car Winter Ready

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The snow is coming – even though we might be on the flip side of the festive season don’t be fooled winter is still here.
Snow, ice and rain can change the conditions of the road very quickly – which makes it essential to carry out these safe and simple checks on your vehicle!

Can You See?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you changed your wiper blades? You may want to change your current wipers to winter blades if climate is tough. You’ll be surprised how much you actually use your blades in the winter period. Before battling the elements always make sure you are fully stocked with de-icer and antifreeze, this will save you time scratching at your windows first thing in the morning.

Emergency Kit

Make sure you take the time to prepare a winter breakdown kit. Whether it’s buying one or creating your own this little pack will ensure that if the worst does happen you’ll be prepared. Here’s what you need – Blankets, Gloves, Torch, Batteries, De-Icer, Hi Vis, High Energy Snacks.

Winter Tyres

Let’s face it, changing to winter tyres isn’t cheap, but it is worth it investing in some good quality winter tyres with exceptional grip. Pressures and treads should be checked once a week during winter. We recommend no less than 2-3mm of tread whilst driving in difficult conditions. Tyre pressure information can be found in your vehicle owner manual.

4 Wheel Drive

If you own a four wheel drive vehicle you’ll want to make sure it’s in good condition. Check that the 4WD is working by engaging and disengaging correctly. All drivers in the household should be aware when and how to activate the system.

Battery Life

We’ve all been there when your car won’t start and you’re running late for work. Cold weather can reduce the life of your battery. If the battery struggles to provide power to start your car, chances are it’s on its way out. This can be avoided by having regular checks to ensure your battery is in the best possible condition.

Dirty Plates

Always make sure that your number plate is clearly visible. Personalised or not, it is an illegal offence to disguise or have illegible registrations on your vehicle. In the colder winter months weather change can make this much more difficult to maintain. However keeping on top of those muddy plates can save you a hefty fine of £1000!
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