6 Signs You're a Private Number Plate nerd

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Are you a nerd with number plates? Do you point out ‘interesting’ information about the plates that you see on car journeys and irritate everyone else in the car or send them to sleep? Or, does checking out number plates simply keep you entertained on long car journeys? Well, there are six signs that you are indeed a number plate nerd. Are you ready to find out whether you’re a little too obsessed with those details?


1. Ooh Stylish

There are lots of different number plate styles to choose from. You might want to think about this when selecting the new number plate for your car. But do you know all the styles and do you know what distinguishes them? If so, you could be a little nerdy with those plates.


2. Checking The Date

Of course, knowing the style is nothing compared to knowing exactly when that plate was issued. There are a couple of key details that will tell you this when looking at a plate. But only a number plate nerd would know for sure!


3. Kerching!

Number plates vary greatly in cost. Some letters, numbers, and layouts are more expensive than others. But do you know how much a number plate costs without taking a look at the receipt? Yes, number plate nerds know exactly how much one costs just by getting a glimpse. Hint: if it’s more personalized, it’ll be more expensive.


4. Is That A Word?

Car journeys can be boring. It’s good to find a way to pass the time. There are plenty of options, and if you’re a number plate nerd, you’re going to immediately turn your attention to the ones passing you buy. It can be fun to try and make out words on the plates particularly if there’s a certain apparent word that’s apt for the way that driver is acting on the road.


5. It’s Trying To Tell Me Something

Do you look for hidden meanings in number plates? A lot of people actually do this, it just depends on how obsessed you get with this idea. It’s not crazy to think that there’s a hidden message in a number plate. A lot of people get personalised number plates that reflect their name, birthday, favourite colour, favourite artist, favourite band and much more. For instance, MCR could mean that the driver of that car loves My Chemical Romance. Whereas KAR could mean that their name is Karen. In 2012 the UK Driving and Licensing Vehicle agency made £67 million from personalised number plates, so there’s a good chance if you are looking for a message on a plate, it's probably there.


6. Where Did That Come From?

Finally, typical people won’t look at a plate on a vehicle and wonder where it came from. But a number plate nerd will. Actually, they’ll be able to tell you exactly in the UK where that number plate is from. You can typically tell this information by the characters on the plate if you know what they mean of course.