5 Signs You Work With Private Number Plates

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Number plates can tell you so many weird and wonderful things about an owner and their lifestyle. Those who work with number plates are exposed to any number of things that are common with number plates, from the cost that people are willing to pay to whether or not they are going to be worth something one day. Buying number plates that are private and not what the car originally came with can be fun, and when you’re working those personalised number plates and seeing what people order every day, you get an insight that others wouldn’t.


With that in mind, here are five signs that you are working with private number plates:

You Notice The Cost

People are willing to pay an extreme amount of money for some plates. There have been some in the UK that has recently sold for £300,000, just because the plate was the last the DVLA had with two letters and one number. This kind of money could buy a house or a luxury car, never mind a set of number plates! When you’re working with private number plates, you see all manner of strange combinations of number plates, and you also see that people are willing to pay enormous amounts for the right personalised number plates.


You See The Popular Ones

There are some private number plates that are more popular than others, with some combinations of certain initials being requested over and over again. There are some personalised plates that are more popular than others, and the more popular they are, the more expensive they get. When certain plate combinations have run out, they can be auctioned off later on, and people will pay a reasonable price for them. Working with number plates allows you to see the private plates that are most popular, and you can gain an insight into whether some o those plates are gifted or corporate!


You See The Illegal Plates

One thing you will see if you work with number plates is whether there are errors. There are specific rules and regulations surrounding private number plates, and you need to spot them before they are sent out. Illegal number plates include misspaced numbers and letters, the wrong colour, the wrong letter size, the wrong font used, the wrong backplate colour - the list goes on. When you are working with number plates, you’ll soon pick up on whether number plates are legal - just make sure you reject the pink ones! People can personalise their cars all they want, but they can’t make their number plates as personal.


You’ll See If The Plates Are Original

Cars generally released with an automated number plate. When people decide to get personal with theirs, you can tell the difference. They don’t always follow the same pattern as a general number plate, as when people personalise them, they can “write” words with the combinations of letters and numbers. These can be personal to the driver of the car, but they still must follow the rules of car registrations and plates for the DVLA. When you work with number plates, you’ll notice right away if a private number plate is a personalised one or not. You’ll be checking the personalised plates to ensure they have been properly registered so that they are legal, meeting all the requirements for insurance. Plus, you get to crack a smile at some of the funny words that people want to spell with their number plates.


You’ll Notice Their Worth

There are some license plates out there that are worth a lot of money, and as you get to know the most popular plates out there, you'll know which ones are worth the big bucks. You may find that a lot of plates that are worth a lot of money garner a lot of interest, and it’s not always complicated patterns and phrases that will be worth big money. There are some old license plates that are worth a lot of money compared to newer ones. There are also those out there that are popular because they are the last combinations of letters and numbers available. 


When you work with private number plates, you notice all manner of weird and wacky things that people will request in the name of being funny, embarrassing or sentimental.