5 Quick Steps to Finding Your Perfect Number Plate

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Vehicle number plates are so impersonal. They lack any type of personalised feel - they are purely just a mixture of letters and numbers that relate to when the specific vehicle was manufactured. Of course, number plates are a smart system for monitoring road users and their vehicles but they’re not exactly exciting or interesting, are they? That’s where personalised number plates come in… Want to personalise your vehicle, then you need to personalise your number plate. 


Like the idea of having your own personalised number plate? Below is a guide to five quick steps to finding the perfect number plate. 


1. Search using our smart homepage 

Our homepage allows you to put in any name or phrase into the search bar and then turns that into a number plate by listing all of the available options. Say, for instance, you searched ‘Sam’, you would be met by options like ‘911 SAM’ or ‘ME64 SAM’. Our smart search bar makes finding that perfect personalised number plate a much simpler and easier experience. 


2. On our find-a-plate page, narrow the search down to different styles

Once you are on the find-a-plate page, you can then narrow down the search to different styles of number plate. These include ‘exact matches’ and ‘close matches’. The number plates that are the most like the phrase searched tend to be more expensive, while the close matches number plates are a little cheaper. 


3. Give yourself a budget

Talking of pricing, it’s important that you give yourself a budget. Our personalised number plates range from costing a few hundred pounds to costing tens of thousands of pounds, so knowing what you can afford to spend is essential. What’s great about our prices is that they include the cost of any compulsory changes, unlike most other dealers. If you only have a small budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your vehicle’s number plate, as there are plenty of cheap number plates available. 


4. Make sure the registration can go onto your vehicle

The next step is to ensure that the registration you would like to purchase is able to be placed on your vehicle. You see, the law states that while you can change your number plate to a personalised one, you cannot make your vehicle look younger than it is, so you need to be mindful of this when choosing a number plate. Say, for instance, your car is a 2007 reg and you change it to ‘XX11 SAM’, this may not be allowed as the 11 in this private reg plate would make it appear that the car is a 2011 reg and not a 2007 reg. 


5. Look at other plates on the road to see if there’s anything similar 

If you are going to personalise your car’s number plate, naturally you want to ensure that your vehicle is the only car on the road with that number plate. So it’s a good idea to look at the other personalised plates on the road, to see if any other vehicle has anything too similar to your private number plate.


There you have it, everything that you should know about picking the perfect number plate for your vehicle.