5 Facts About Personalised Number Plates

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For car registration fascination, look no further. Here at Primo Registrations, we’ll share with you our pick of the most interesting facts about personalised number plates. If your passion is for private plates then you’ll be blown away by these remarkable facts!



  1. The Most Expensive Number Plate in the World is ‘1’

So we’ve uncovered the UK’s Most Expensive Number Plates, with the most expensive being £518,000, but do you know how much the world’s most expensive number plate is? Try £7.25m.

Abdul Ghaffer Khouri, a member of a very wealthy Abu Dhabi family bought the plate because according to him, “it’s the best number” to have on a car.

Khouri bought the personalised number plate at an auction in Abu Dhabi in 2008, and beat the previous world record spent on a plate - £5m, which was spent by Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri, who bought the ‘5’ number plate the year before.

  1. £1.8bn Has Been Raised Through Personalised Number Plates Since 1989

Not even the global recession has caused the sale of personalised number plates to plummet. Sales are still going strong in the world of private number plates; in fact, the market continues to hold its value considerably better than many other markets at this time.

The DVLA has proved to be an important revenue generator, bringing in a whopping £1.8bn through the sale of personalised number plates alone, since 1989. Who would have thought?!

  1. ‘VIP 1’ Was Originally Made for Pope Jean Paul II

That’s right; this desirable plate was placed on the pope-mobile as it was made for Pope Jean Paul II’s trip to Ireland.

The personalised plate is now owned by Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, who paid £285,000 for the ‘VIP 1’ plate in 2006.

  1. The First Celebrity Purchase of a Private Plate was by Harry Tate

For those of you who do not know Harry Tate, he’s a successful music hall artist, and it was he who first owned a private number plate. What was it? ‘T 8’.

The same plate is now owned by one of the owners of the well-known Tate & Lyle Sugar Company: Johnny Tate. Fitting, right?

  1. To Own a Personalised Number Plate, You Don’t Need to Own a Vehicle

It’s not actually a legal requirement to put a personalised number plate on a vehicle once you’ve purchased it. This is exactly why it makes for a great birthday gift idea for a 17 year old. You can renew the certificate of entitlement to the number plate and maintain ownership for as long as you like, without putting it on a vehicle.

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