‘16’ Series Private Number Plates

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That much anticipated time of year is almost here. Car enthusiasts, you know what we’re talking about; the new series of number plates are soon to be assigned to vehicles! Learn more about the ‘16’ series here, along with how to transfer it to your new vehicle after you’ve purchased from this desirable range.

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‘16’ Series Number Plates

The new ‘16’ number plates were released in December and from March 1st  this year these attractive number plates are able to be allocated to vehicles registered on or after this date. The ‘16’ series is extremely desirable for the reason that it represents the letters ‘iG’, which is a likely combination to appear in both first names and surnames! So, if you’re an Abigale or a Wright, you don’t have to wait long to get your hands on a plate that perfectly spells out your name!

However, the distinctive ‘16’ plates are also able to represent the following combinations of letters too:

  • ‘LG’
  • ‘G’
  • ‘ib ‘
  • ‘Lb’
  • ‘b’
  • ‘ia’
  • ‘a’

Therefore, it’s no surprise that ‘16’ is one of the most appealing series of number plates; it opens up a whole wealth of opportunities for the names and words that you can have on your plates.

Primo’s Favourites From The Series

Our favourite examples of the ‘16’ series plates include:

  • AU16 UST – Leos, you can’t go wrong with this plate
  • LE16 END – Fancy yourself as a bit of a legend? Then this plate is for you
  • HU16 HES – If Hughes is your surname then you’ll love this one
  • CO16 ATE - Known for your pearly gnashers? Colgate is perfect
  • LE16 ALS – If you work in law then Legals is ideal!

These ‘16’ plates are certainly eye-catching, right? And that’s one of the many advantages of having a personalised number plate.

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How to Transfer Your New ‘16’ Number Plate

Once you’ve bought your personalised number plate, you’ll want to transfer it to your new vehicle. In order to do this, you’ll first need to apply to do so, which you can do by downloading and completing a V317 form. This form includes information on where to send the application, as well as guidance notes to assist you.


You’ll also need to include an MOT certificate, a transfer fee of £80 and the registration certificate with a completed V62 form and application for a vehicle registration certificate V5C. Plus, if your new car needs to be taxed, you’ll need to include a completed V10 form too.

For further information on how to transfer a number plate, take a look at our blog post here. And, if you have any questions on the ‘16’ series of private number plates then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01252 491111. We’ll be more than happy to help!