10 Celebrities Who Should Consider a Buying a Private Number Plate

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Ever wonder what your favourite celebrity should have as their personalised number plate? We’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with a few ideas - so why not drop them a line on Twitter and let them know?


Prince Charles

OK, so the Prince of Wales may not be everyone’s favourite cup of tea, but the poor guy has been waiting so long to land his birthright that we feel kinda sorry for him. Our suggestion is a simple one - K1 NGS - but we’re not sure whether it will inspire him or pour salt onto his wounds.


Kim Kardashian

What, exactly, is Kim Kardashian famous for? Other than a cheaply made TV show and something altogether more tawdry, we weren’t entirely sure. And then we had a bolt of inspiration - B16 BUM. We even spotted this one on our instragram page here!


Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star is moving on to more serious roles these days. But let’s face it, the role of the boy wizard he played in his youth sticks with him to this day. We wondered what Mr. Radcliffe might say when asked to recollect those schoolboy days playing such an iconic character, and think his response might match his perfect personalised plate: MAG 1C


Caroline Lucas

The former leader of the Green Party is one of the most well-known names in politics these days. And let’s be honest, she has a top drawer voting record on the environment. It makes sense that the MP would go for something like M155 EC0.


Lewis Hamilton

No questions asked it’s clear to everyone that Lewis Hamilton deserves the number plate F1. Not only that, but we’re pretty sure he has the money it would cost to buy it!


Ricky Wilson

The one-time singer of Kaiser Chiefs and judge on The Voice might get lucky by looking to the 2015 number plate releases. Why? Because in amongst them, Ricky might find the following plate: KA15 ERS.


Vladimir Putin

The chances of Mr. Putin ever ending up living in the UK are somewhere between nonexistent and slim. But perhaps on his next visit to the country, he might consider buying a plate to celebrate? What about this one? PUT 11N.


Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls are about to get fashionable again - or so they hope - after releasing details of a tour and starring in an animated movie. Perhaps Victoria Beckham could do some personal branding to help spread the word with the number plates POS 55H?


Louis Vuitton

Famed for his spectacular efforts to provide women all over the world with handbags that are more expensive than cars, we’re betting his set of wheels isn’t too shabby. But what about his plate number? Could it be BAG 805S?


Peter Crouch

Finally, the former England striker, renowned for his beanpole stature and robotic dance, will be hanging up his boots soon. And when he does, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to get out and see the country in his car. There is, of course, only one number plate that would be fit for Mr. Crouch’s purposes - 61 ANT.