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Make money by selling your number plate

There is a thriving market within the UK for personalised number plates, with the ability to add unique and often dateless number plates to vehicles being welcomed by many. This has led to an increasing level of demand, while the overall supply remains relatively limited. As you may have guessed, this can be great news for sellers!
When you look at your own vehicle, it may be that you have a registration plate that you no longer require, or it could simply be that you purchased a vehicle with an associated plate that wasn’t really personal to you. Whether you are looking to upgrade what you currently have, or simply seeking to make some extra money, we’re able to help.
Here at Primo Registrations, we’re able to offer two approaches for those looking to sell a number plate. In the first instance, we may make you an offer for your personalised number plate. If we decide to do so, then you can be sure that any such offer will be fair, reflecting the current market position.
In other cases, we may suggest that we’ll be happy to advertise a number plate on your behalf, only taking a commission when an actual sale is made. We believe that this is a model that works well for both parties: it enables you to benefit from our advertising reach, while it provides an active form of motivation to ensure that we put our efforts into making a sale.
The importance of being active is something that doesn’t appear to be evident to some other dealers! We won’t simply list your number plate on our website, sit back and then hope for the best. Instead, we’ll use all of our sales avenues to generate a sale.
The first step in the process is to get in touch for a valuation. We’ll keep your details on file and will look to market your plate to our clients. Whenever we hear about a client with a requirement that would be met by your particular plate, we’ll be in touch.
What about when you are looking for a quick sale? We understood that you may already have you heart set on some new, cheap personalised number plates. In these cases, we may offer to buy your registration number from you, taking it direct into our stock listings.
We appreciate that, when you’re seeking a valuation, you want a nice, quick response. That’s why we typically attempt to respond within 48 hours.
If you’re keen to sell your dateless or name registration plates, then get in touch today to start the process of getting a valuation. This is the first step to making money from the number plates that are currently on your car. With our experience and expertise, we make the process as easy as possible to follow. Whether we buy your plates for stock, or actively market them on your behalf, we have a strong track record of delivering results. We look forward to helping you to make money from the sale.